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    Matthew Hixon

    Today i would like to discuss a gaming topic that tends to gets over look and doesn’t get much attention in the gaming world and that is female gamers. We live in a digital and online heavy world now, so when you hear the terms gaming or video games the face behind it is normally male based, but why? How often do you see guys offer or extend a welcoming hand to females for “Game Night” not as often. Yes maybe if you have a significant other you may have her come but for the most part she solely there for support and not necessarily interested in the game you are partaking in.

    So the real question is where are the Gamer Girls, who are they and what do they play? Per my gaming experience i notice that all the gaming girls i have encountered do not really play video games, for the most part they are more board game, card games and Table Top RPG but why? Do they feel intimidated in the video game scene that is primarily male driven so they fell left with everything else?. Now granted i have seen a select few that do play video games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Dead or Alive series and other fighters but that is less than 1%. I’ve also come across others that play Grand Theft, Gears of War, Call of Duty, Pokemon Go and a few RPG like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts etc just a few examples.

    I’ve read an article that was made last year that said 59% of girls ages 13-17 are playing video games, i’ve been gaming all my life and have yet to see that total to 59% of girls. So if that is true is there like a secret gaming girls society we do no know about b/c i want in on it lol?

    I want to find out who they are and let them know Gamers Glorified welcomes them and wants them to be part of our community.

    What are some of your thoughts on this? As owner of Gamers Glorified i would love to have gamer girls to participate on the regular and become members, i just need to know where they are, who they are and what games they play or like to play.

    Below are a list of some games i have come across in my life time that i have seen female gamers personally interact with:
    -Pokemon Go and other Pokemon based games
    -DnD Table Top RPG
    -Dead or Alive series
    -Dead or Alive Beach Volley Ball
    -Nintendo Wii games
    -Party games that associate with socialization with others
    -Magic the gathering
    -Classic Board games
    -Card Against Humanity and other type of games like it

    Please let me know your thoughts and feedback.

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