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About Our Company

Gamers Glorified teaches gamers of all ages how to improve as a gamer through coaching, webinar, retreats, and hosting tournaments. Gamers Glorified also teaches educational, life & developmental skills, financial skills, and career opportunities within the gaming industry.



Why Choose Us?

  • Learn from esports coach & pro players
  • Become connected with a global network of gamers
  • Have fun while improving & learning




Our Services

Gamers Glorified services include but not limited to the following below:

Coaching & Mentoring

  • Providing tangible techniques to improve as a player and as an individual


  • Sponsor new esports players to help gamers build their brand awareness who want to take their skills to a professional level

Career Opportunities

  • Provide resources and guide gamers towards career fields in the gaming industry


After School Program


 Gamers Glorified offers their esports & gaming curriculum Monday-Thursday at a junior high school in Waukegan, IL. Gamers Glorified is currently reaching out to other schools to participate in our after-school programs not only to the Waukegan area, but also the surrounding areas of Chicago.




Resident & Remote Service Fee

  • $75 – resident session ($90-minute session)
  • $50 – remote session (90-minute session)
  • 1st consultation session free via remote service


*Prices shown above may vary based on location

Matthew Hixon

CEO & Owner

  • Professional gamer under the name 99centMcfury 
  • Head coach for Kish College


Maurice Smith

Social Media Technician 

  • Professional gamer under the name SnipeGodReese
  • Media Influencer


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