Rules and Regulations for March Madness Smash Tournament 3/30


Here are some of the basic Officials Rules and Regulations for this Saturday March Madness Smash Tournament

1.No items or stage hazards

2.Best of 3, grand finals best of 5

3.Possible Double Elimination (depending on entrees )

4.No Mii players

5.3 stocks 5:00 min matches

6. Bring you own controller is Recommended

7.Battlefield or Omega form stages only

8.Players have 5mins after their name is called to check in for match or it will be counted as a loss.

9.Players can switch characters after each match if they choose.

10. If player pauses the game during the match or game gets interrupt b/c of wireless controller unsync or batteries die, that will cost you a stock.

All other rules and regulations will be announced at event. (Once again if you have a switch with dock and smash character unlock we recommend to bring to make the tournament matches run more timely and efficient)

Matthew Hixon
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