Smash Ultimate Coaching #2

Here are the foot notes for last coaching. Members please add comment and questions for open conversation and tips.

who is you man, what is their weakness? Here are a few examples from the coaching session.

Jiggly – light weight can die early

Corrin- takes longer % to do kill attacks, Short combos

Lil Mac- recover on stage, too fast, fwrd B is huge liability

Pit – can’t finish opponent @ 77%

Bowser – Combo friendly for you opponent

(Please add you main and tell us what you think is their weakness)


Master your normals aka you A,B attacks one at a time. For example fight your opponent with only your forward A, then Up A, then down A etc etc. Yes you will most likely lose but for training purpose you want to know how to utilize every A, attack in every situation. 

Once you feel master go to B attacks, than nothing but counters, command throws, etc.

Matthew Hixon
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